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Patrol Dogs

All patrol dogs are trained to pick up and indicate to its handler the presence of a person in its patrol area. They are also trained to accept other people in their environment and to only react if a threat is made against the handler. Our patrol dogs can work the toughest jobs and give the handler absolute personal security.


Security dogs and handlers are highly effective in both guarding premises and providing close personal protection. Our professional uniformed handlers and highly trained security dogs are an unbeatable, unique team, which serves also as a formidable deterrent and is the ultimate in security protection.

One well trained dog and handler can cover the work of three or more security guards, and we can cover very large areas due to the dog's acute sense of smell and hearing abilities, which are invaluable and effective in high-risk situations.

Naturally, we treat all our contracts with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.

Manned Guarding

Uniformed Security Officers trained for internal and external patrols. All officers have understanding of the Law, including: - Theft, Robbery, Assault and Trespass. Control of access is vital to the security of any premises whether this involves gatehouse, barrier control, reception duties or a key distribution service. Our Security warning signs are displayed on the exterior of the premises we are to patrol as a legal obligation and to act as a deterrent. A very cost effective security facility.

Gatehouse Officers

Our Officers are trained in Access control, CCTV monitoring, Key distribution etc, this would also include vehicle checks.


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Door Supervisor

We pride ourselves on our personal and professional services,  which enables us to maintain strong and supportive working relationships with our clients.

Our door supervisor are reliable, loyal, professional and honest and operate under a strict code and conduct for the work that they carry out. The door supervisor will check identification to ensure the compliance of licensing laws and age restriction in place and their attire in order to comply with the clients policy.

Remember !

One handler and dog can replace several security officers.

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Health and Safety Policy

We as a company have a duty of care, to our personnel. We provide mobile phones to our guards for the use of hourly check calls to our control centre and for emergencies.We also have random site visits, to ensure health and safety, and work requirements are being adhered to.
We expect our staff to report any lapses in Health and Safety procedure, on any site in which they work, which will be dealt with promptly. Health and Safety is the responsibility of every individual. Anyone that is found to be acting in an unsafe manner, will receive a disciplinary warning or termination of employment.
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